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Learn about the Navigation Rules! is an awareness campaign of the National Safe Boating Council. What does that mean? It means that the U.S. Coast Guard wants you to know that there are pre-defined Inland Navigation Rules and that if you want to be a safe boater (and who doesn't?) that you and your fellow boaters need to be on the same page. You might even say that you need to be On Course! Boat on Course!

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Brought to you by the National Safe Boating Council

The goal of is to introduce and bring awareness to The Navigation Rules. By educating the boating public on six areas of the Navigation Rules: Overtaking a Vessel, Vessels Crossing Paths, Vessels Meeting Head-On and the Responsibility Between Vessels which includes Safe Speed and Maintaining a Proper Lookout. is hosted by Tina with Tim, the Boating Safety Guide. Together, they will cover the Navigation Rules and compare these rules to the "rules of the road", something that everyone is familiar with. To help them explain the rules, they will use different "scenarios", whether it is driving in a car or using real boats to show the actual implementation of these rules.