Nav Rule: Overtaking

How to Properly "Pass" or Overtake another Vessel

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Take a Quiz on Overtaking

1. When are you allowed to depart from the US Coast Guard Navigation Rules?

When being overtaken by another vessel
When still within a marina
When operating a vessel under 14-feet in length
When it is necessary to avoid a collision

2. A vessel being overtaken must?

Turn to port and increase speed
Turn to port and Decrease speed
Maintain course and speed
Turn to starboard and decrease speed

3. What must a vessel do when overtaking another vessel?

Maintain course and speed
Keep out of the way of the vessel being overtaken
Immediately sound the danger signal
Assume the right of way, but proceed with caution

4. When you are the give-way vessel what is your responsibility?

Maintain course and speed until clear
Immediately stop until the other vessel is clear
Undertake early and visible action apparent to the other vessel
Increase speed to get past the other vessel

5. As the give-way vessel, what action should you take?

Steer Away, Slow Down, or Stop
Speed up to get past the other vessel
Slow down gradually so the other vessel just clears your bow
Visibly steer to port and maintain speed

6. Bonus Question. What is the recommended practice for life jackets while boating?

Stored in plastic bags on your vessel
Worn at all times while underway
Properly stowed in one of the compartments
Used as seat cushions on your boat