Nav Rule: Meeting

When two boats are coming directly at each other, what do you do?

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Take a Quiz on Meeting Head-On

1. Under what conditions would it be permissible to depart from a Navigation Rule?

When operating less than 50-feet off shore
In good visibility during the day
If necessary to avoid immediate danger
In calm waters and clear weather

2. In which situation is it considered that both vessels are give way vessels?


3. What should two power-driven vessels do when they meet in a head-on situation?

Stop their vessel and communicate using hand signals
Turn to starboard so as to pass port-to-port
Turn to port so as to pass starboard-to-starboard
Reduce speed and remain on course

4. Which of the following names refers to the vessel that is required to stay out of the way of another vessel?


5. A Stand-on vessel is involved in which situation(s)?

Only overtaking
Only crossing
Meeting head-on
Overtaking and Crossing

6. Bonus Question. How should a life jacket be worn to be considered proper and legal?

Properly buckled or zipped
Bright and colorful on the back
Relatively clean and dry
Comfortably loose and open