Sailing Navigation Rules

Definition, Tacking, & Giveway Rules

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1. A sailboat with its engine on should be treated as what according to the Navigation Rules?

Hybrid sailboat
Power-driven vessel
Multi-purpose yacht
Restricted tug boat

2. In regard to responsibilities between vessels, recreational powerboats must typically do what when encountering a sailboat under sail?

Stand on
Stand down
Give way
Maintain way

3. According to the Navigation Rules, a sailboat under sail must keep clear of which one of the following vessels?

Pontoon boat that is departing a marina or dock
Tug boat that is restricted in ability to maneuver
Recreational fishing boat that is under power
Ski boat that is overtaking on the starboard

4. What must be taken into consideration when two sailboats are crossing on opposite tacks to determine stand-on and give-way responsibilities?

Tack (course) each sailboat is on
Water depth at low tide
Length of each vessel
Distance to the nearest land

5. When two sailboats are headed the same direction on the same tack, which boat must keep clear according to the Navigation Rules?

Directly astern
On the bow
To starboard
To windward