Courtesy On the Water

& Conclusion to Part Two

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1. Inflatable rafts, canoes, kayaks, and stand up paddle boards are all known as Paddle Craft. These are considered vessels and consequently must follow which rule?

Must obey the navigation rules
Are exempt from the rules when close to shore
Do not need to carry life jackets
Do not need to carry a navigation light

2. Personal Watercraft (PWC), such as Jet Skis, and SeaDoos, are highly maneuverable and fast watercraft. They are considered vessels and indicate the rule that best applies to them.

Exempt from the navigation rules when operating with other PWC because of their maneuverability
Small enough that it is allowable to operate between recreational boats with fishing lines out
Not required to keep clear of large commercial vessels because they are so fast and maneuverable
Not equipped by the manufacturer with navigation lights so operating at night is usually prohibited